Q. Sakamaki

I admire the work of Q. Sakamaki.
He graduated from Columbia University with a master’s degree in
International Affairs, Concentration in Conflict Resolution and Human Rights. Born and raisedin Japan, he now makes his home in New York City and has been photographing war zones throughout the world such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Liberia, Bosnia and Kosovo - documenting not only the political landscape but people’s emotional relationship to conflict.
Sakamaki does more than simply document the times; he presents extremely charged imagery packed tightly with meaning and intent to capture the dynamics of social activism. His photographs have been appeared in books and magazines worldwide including Time, Newsweek, Life, Stern, and L'espresso, and have been the subject of solo shows in New York and Tokyo. He received numerous outstanding awards, including World Press Photo (1st Prize of People in News Story - 2007), Overseas Press Club (Olivier Rebbot - 2006), Pictures of The Year International (double 1st Prizes of General News Reporting for single and story - 2007).

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