One year of CBO

Hi guys,
It has been one year since I started my blog. When I began blogging, I didn't know that I'll continue for a year. But, now I feel I can go on and on. I'm really happy that my blog has completed one full year and I have to say that I never expected my modest project get any attention... thank you guys.

I will definitely keep this up and hope that you all will enjoy future posts.

- A special thanks to my Friends, Followers and Roxana -

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Roxana disse...


Thank you sooooo much, dear Marc., i am honoured by your mention!!!

i am verrry happy that i have discovered your fascinating blog and grateful for all your efforts to delight us with so many different posts and... also for your love for photography, this goes without saying...

je pourrais continuer comme ca a l'infini! :-)

felicitations, encore une fois! et j'aime la photo que tu as choisie pour ce poste special! :-)

Marc. disse...

Salut Roxana :)
Thank you very very much for your kind words.

I am on holiday for 1 week in Algarve :)(albufeira)and i'm writing you from the cyber café of the town :(
I will be posting new messages again very soon!!!
Thank you for your unbelievable support!!!

Roxana disse...

happy happy holiday, you deserve that :-)
but come back soon!!! :-)

edith disse...

Thank you for this beautiful blog!It means a lot for me!Keep going!:)


Marc. disse...

Salut Edith :)))
Thank you so much and i will!!!