He has always seen the world in colour only. But in a colour which is his alone; this is the very matter of his photography, but is the opposite of any “realist” representation, and allows him to impose his own subjective, sensitive view. An impressionistic approach, yet one which allows us to discover worlds which are not mere pretexts for the creation of sumptuous images. A regular contributor to magazines, for which he works to order, and in which he publishes his own projects (he also works for corporate communication), he deals with journalistic themes. Among others, he has represented a highly original day in the City of London, the town where he is based, or analysed the recreational activities of a weekend in Blackpool, where young working class people go to relax. In China, where he has worked a lot, in towns as well as the country, he has focussed on a long project looking at the Three Gorge Dam.

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