Rut Blees Luxemburg is an artist who works with photography. She explores cities and their complex relationships to modernity via the potential of the public space. The cities she has worked in range from London, Paris, Dakar, Swansea to Santiago. Her work has been exhibited internationally and included in key publications and exhibitions on contemporary photography.

"My photographic work explores the continuing significance of the modern project on the city. My photographs aim to bring to the fore the underlying contradictions of the Modern Project, its ambitions and its poetic and real failures which are recast as potential. My particular interest lies in revealing moments where this history appears in dense yet coded layers, within the physical forms of a location.

As part of my artistic work I often collaborate with other practitioners, such as writers, architects, composers and philosophers. Recently I curated an exhibition of contemporary photography in London, titled Albertine goes South. This exhibition gathered together 5 contemporary photographers that engage with irreverent, twisted and fantastical notions of domesticity."

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