Julia Fullerton-Batten

From the series Unadorned

"My latest work is inspired by paintings of old masters from the 15th to 17th Century (Titian to Rubens). Over a period of three centuries, these masters showed that female and male beauty of that time was represented by a fuller figure.

Throughout most of the last few millennia, the most sought-after female forms were represented by curvaceous bodies and in Rubens' case of outright corpulence. It is only in very recent times, since Twiggy and Barbie came to the fore in the 1960s, that our narcissistic society reinforced by the media and advertising now interprets the ideal figure to be ultra-thin, enhanced by eating disorders and plastic surgery. Even men are beginning to be caught up in this vicious circle. Today’s harsh judgements of obese persons is particularly prevalent in the West; in many other cultures corpulence is still highly regarded today.

I have transposed the old masters' inspirational works into a modern context. Larger-than-life models of both sexes unashamedly shed their clothes and posed for me in the nude. I placed them individually in a scene with appropriate props and asked them to pose in ways that would show off their shape naturally and enhance their beauty. I simulated soft candle- and moon-light to recreate that seen in the old masters' paintings.

My models accept that their bodies are as nature intended them to be. They show honesty, both to others and themselves in a world all too often dominated by manipulated beauty."

Julia Fullerton-Batten

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Isapinheiro disse...

Olá, Marc!
Recentemente descobri seu blog e estou encantada.
Eu amo fotografias e com ele pude conhecer fotógrafos que eu admiro e outros trabalhos que me deixaram super impressionada. Já faz dois dias que estou olhando cada detalhe do blog, cada foto, cada fotógrafo e modelo, ainda nem consegui terminar de ver tudo. Estou apaixonada pelo "Crónicas boémias de um olhar" já faz parte dos meus favoritos agora. Parabéns pela ideia. Tenha um ótimo dia, beijos.

Marc. disse...

Olá Isabel,

Obrigado e desculpa pela demora… mas Dezembro é sempre muito complicado.

É sempre agradável saber o que os outros pensam das minhas Cronicas
mas, não deixe de dormir por minha causa :0) Lol...

Bem haja

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