Carla van de Puttelaar

Svjetlana Tepavcevic

From the series The Sea inside

Deirdre King

From the series Photography
"I am fascinated by the question of what makes an image. Is it the object we look at, the way it is staged or framed, or the history it is inserted into? Its some of all of this, but it is also something more. Visuality is determined by more than the visual.
We access the image not through eyes or mind alone, but as embodied beings through a plenitude of senses. The visual is simply a jumping-off point."
Deirdre King

Alun Crockford

From the series These Things I am

Siyu Chen

From the series Obscured by clouds

Michelle Walsh

From the series The Empty space

Samuel Wilcox

From the series Depth & Time

Anya Smith

From the series Voyager 3

"My project is a celebration of humanities' exploration and fascination with the universe, and our desire for knowledge and understanding. My work plays on and questions the authenticity of space photographs. They conjure up issues of whether these images from space are reliable. I have researched different moons in our solar system and interpretated my findings into images. Our moon landing was not without its' conspiracy theories. My fake moonscapes juxtapose the controversy surrounding the legitimacy of the moon landing and its' images, which some conspiracy theories say are fabricated and done in a studio. There are approximately 170 known moons in our solar system which we have yet to land on, photograph and explore."
Anya Smith

Samantha Dukelow

From the series Priceless


Mirko Martin

From the series L.A. Crash