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Paolo Ventura - Winter Stories

Winter Stories" continues Ventura's imaginary recreation of prewar Italy, in photographs of wonderfully evocative sets and figures he constructs himself. Because every detail of these sites is meticulously realized, the work is as seductive as a magic act; you know it's all an elaborate fake, but you're enjoying it too much to locate the flaws.

Paolo Ventura - Winter Stories





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Uwe Schober

Tony Fouhse is an Ottawa based editorial and commercial photographer. He also spends a lot of time, money and emotion shooting personal work.
Fouhse has been working on a story in his home town: “USER: Portraits of Crack Addicts”.

Great photographer!!! Check out the rest...

Maciek Jasik


17 years old, 13 operations. Attacked 2008 by her cousin who wanted to marry her. The attack happened while she was asleep, nine days before her wedding.

20 years old. Over 30 operations.
Attacked by a boy on her way to school.


Izabella Demavlys

"In the fall of 2009 I left for Pakistan to start a project around acid and kerosene oil burn victims.
I worked with a non-governmental foundation called Depilex Smile Again Foundation which helps burned women with reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation and therapy.

There are currently over 400 women waiting for reconstructive surgery after acid attacks in Lahore, Pakistan.
Through the foundation I met one woman, Saira who stood out in particular."

"Saira was attacked with acid after refusing to run away with the boy she was secretly meeting. After multiple operations, her face still wears horrific scars and will mark the way people see her for the rest of her life.
My aim with this project is to follow these women through a couple of years while they not only rebuild their faces through surgery but also build the courage, hope, acceptance and self-esteem to continue living a life with a disfigured face."
Until today there has not been one single case that has brought any of the attackers to justice.