Tereza Vlčková

From the series Sentiment

Tyler Kandel

From the series The sherm


Robert Bergman

Robert Bergman is an american photographer who struggled for decades for appreciation of his work. For years, he worked exclusively in black and while, and only began shooting in colour in a fit of utter frustration, whereupon something truly extraordinary happened. His images developed a luminous, heightened intensity, a painterly aura. He travelled throughout America, amassing a collection of intimately composed street portraits of enigmatic anonymity – he provides no details, no surroundings, no underlying propaganda.

But Mr. Bergman won’t explain his art.

“It’s visual,” he says. “I don’t need to talk about.”

Josef Schulz

From the series Poststructure

Myoung Ho Lee

Li Hui

Adam Amengual

From the series Homies


Simona Ghizzoni

From the series After dark - Gaza strip

Albert Bonsfills

From the series workers sleep in a rusted bunk

Manca Juvan

From the series Afghan mental health