Dorothée Smith

Hisaji Hara

Filipe Branquinho

From the series Ocupações

Boryana Katsarova

From the series Freezing


Lise Sarfati

From the series Rough, Cold & Close


Roger LeMoyne

From the series Serbia

Gaël Bonnefon

From the series 59 km

Brad Vest

From the series Adrift
"Brad Vest: “I met Travis in October 2009 the day he was released from a West Virginia State prison onto home confinement within a camper on the banks of the Ohio River in rural Jackson County, West Virginia. After meeting his parents, Allen and Shelia, through happenstance a few days before he was released I had already began to learn about his circumstances. They showed true worry for their son, for the daughters that he had and the habit he had formed that landed him in prison and provided him a small single-room camper placed next to theirs for him to serve his home confinement.
He was arrested in 2009 on the charge of grand larceny.
He invited me in for dinner that first day that I met him, chili and crackers. We talked well past after his girls fell asleep. Sharing just as much about me with him as he shared about himself. I remember being struck at how young I thought he looked. Just two years older than me he seemed to be decades ahead in responsibilities. At twenty-seven he was the father of two girls, Patience 4, and Journey 1. Divorced from a woman that, given the day or mood, he loves or hates. On top of it all he was dealing with breaking an addiction while under forced isolation."

Louise Hobson

From the series Privation

Lam Pok Yin