Ryan Herz

Kim Thue

From the series Dead Traffic

Kim Thue was born in September 1980 in Grindsted, a small Danish town situated on the windy moors of Jutland. As a restless teenager he moved to the U.K. and is now based in London. He describes his work as "sequenced accumulations of unsung tragedies, vulnerable integrity and personally profound chance encounters."

Currently, Kim is drawing to a close a long-term book project from Freetown, Sierra Leone entitled "Dead Traffic." About the book he writes: "Despite Sierra Leone being renowned for its brutal civil war, this work doesn’t have a hidden political agenda in mind, a specific humanitarian issue to pinpoint or even a clear story to tell. Instead I hope to have shot something the viewer can tune into emotionally. Something that hits a nerve without being conceived as coercive in nature. A collection of images, suggesting simply an incredible abundance of human vitality and perseverance, flourishing within an overwhelmingly harsh and inclement city."
Publisher Calin Kruse adds, "Shot over the course of two trips lasting 10 months, Kim allowed enough time to fully submerse himself in the livelihoods and emotions of his subjects. His efforts leave us with an extensive, highly engaging and subjective visual account of a corner of the world normally unrevealed to most of us."

"Dead Traffic" will be released as a book by dienacht Publishing in Spring 2012 and will be available to pre-order from their website soon.

Robert Ormerod

From the series Doomen

Chiara Tocci


Platonov Pavel


Rune Guneriussen

Frauke Theilking

From the series Generation

Generation is a photo series by german photographer Frauke Theilking. It shows the differences and similarities between generations, specifically looking at mother/daughter and father/son. It’s really striking set, and I think the plain set up of the shots really works, keeping the focus on the concept whilst also showing that sometimes less really is more.



Rachel Louise Brown

Peter Oetzmann

From the series Picture This