Francesca Woodman (1958-1981)

Francesca Woodman was born in April of 1958 in Denver, Colorado. Her parents were artists; her mother Betty was an accomplished ceramicist and art teacher, her father George, a painter and photographer. Most of Woodman's photographs are self portraits…at least in the sense that she was her most frequent subject. Most of her photographs are interior pieces featuring nearly empty, nondescript, ramshackle rooms in what appear to be abandoned buildings. Most of her photographs are sober, sincere and rather self-dramatic.
The image is from a series of photographs called ‘Self Deceit,’ which Woodman took while studying in Rome. Alone and naked, Woodman appears vulnerable as she undertakes a personal self-exploration, underlined by the small and intimate format of the photographs. The photographs are not self-portraits in the conventional sense, as the photographs explore the possibilities of representation instead of revealing the artist’s identity. In the photographs she uses a mirror as a prop – it becomes a symbol of artistic self-reflexivity, reflecting the ‘eye’ of the camera back upon itself.

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Roxana disse...

oh, thank you so much, so much, for pointing me to her work. you are right, you know, even if you don't know my autobiographical works (only a very small part of them are in the 'm' archive). I have always been fascinated with this kind of mise-en-scene of the self and I also work a lot with mirrors. In fact, I will post a series soon, to this respect. I am very grateful. I am so excited about discovering her work, you can't imagine :-)

(but she killed herself with when she was 22, oh)