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Roxana disse...

j'adore la troisieme image...

salut, Marc.! :-)

ca va?

Marc. disse...

Salut Roxana!!!
Lately i have the Blues :( j´ecoute beaucoup Billie Holiday et Yo-Yo Ma (The Cello Suites of Bach).
Mais je me soigne!!!
En étant avec mes amis, sa ne devrait pas durée ;))))
Et toi comment va tu?

Roxana disse...

oh the blues!!! it is not good, it is not good - but friends are always good :-) and hopefully virtual ones as well!!!

ca va passer tres vite, j'en suis sure!!!

a big hug for you...
(i am also fighting the blues, but photography helps always :-) oh and colourful spring as well!!! yesterday i took more than 200 hundred pictuers of flowers haha)