Fritz Hoffmann

The China Portraits project was produced on assignment for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine's May 2008 CHINA SPECIAL. For this assignment Fritz Hoffmann traveled across China with 2 Leicas and Fuji Provia film to create a contemporary portrait of the country he came to know during 13 years as a resident photojournalist there. The Gallery displays a few of the many unpublished images from that project.

Photographer Fritz Hoffmann, (American) moved to Shanghai in 1995 to chronicle change in China. He stayed for 13 years. In 1997 Hoffmann became the first foreign photographer since 1949 to be accredited as a resident photojournalist in Shanghai by China's Foreign Ministry. With Shanghai as his base, Hoffmann has traveled throughout each of China's provinces and municipalities while on assignment for international media. His photographic reportage has made an important contribution to world understanding of modern China. In the early 1990s Hoffmann established his place as a respected international photojournalist while working with the New York picture agency JB Pictures. In China he became photo correspondent for Network Photographers.

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