In a world obsessed with superficial image it is a refreshing contrast to look beyond the surface and appreciate the stuff that surrounds us for what it is made of, not just what it looks like on the outside. English artist Nick Veasey uses x-ray technology to peel back the layers and peer inside all manner of subjects; people, objects, natural forms and animals. The work has an ethereal, otherwordly quality, yet the things he uses to create the pictures are familiar. Nick’s work has won awards in every relevant photographic competition and shown in galleries around the world. These elegant yet unsettling artworks are a perfect example of the fusion between science and art.

For Nick Veasey, artistic inspiration came from an unlikely source. While working as a photographer/designer for morning television in England, he was assigned the monotonous task of X-raying soda cans to determine which ones contained a winning code for a contest sponsored by Pepsi. After three days without a winner, he X-rayed his sneaker for kicks. Veasey recalls, "It was a great image and I thought 'there's something to this.' It was one of those life-changing experiences. I just left behind everything else I was doing."

Veasey spent the next three months working with scientists to refine his technique. He learned to gauge object density and structure by experimenting with a variety of materials including plastic, flowers, metals and people, taking the utmost care with his living subjects.

Armed with his new knowledge, Veasey easily transformed it into commercial success. His intriguing visuals led to assignments for Nike, Porsche, IBM, Bloomberg, and the European edition of Time. He has created such a stir with his advertising work that his "Bus-wrap" image of a whole bus in X-ray had to be removed from the roadways as a safety precaution.
Lately Veasey spends more time working for his company, Untitled, a publishing forum for experimental photography. altpick*com spoke to Nick Veasey about Untitled and the pros and cons of seeing it all.

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