Xuanwei in Yunnan province is a cancer village. Every year there are more than 20 people die of cancer.
11-year-old student Xu Li is suffering from bone cancer.

Breathing in large amount of dust into the lungs, people gets sick after working there for 1-2 years.
Most of these migrant workers come from area of poverty.

Hebei Province Shexian Tianjin Iron and steel plant is a heavily polluting company.
Company scale is still growing, seriously affecting the lives of local residents.

15-year-old boy from Tianshui, Gansu Province, dropped out of the school after 2nd grade, followed his parents to Heilonggui Industrial District. He earns 16 yuan a day. (1 CNY = 0.1105 EUR )

Villagers from Kang village in Linfen City, Shanxi Province due to long-term consumption of the polluted water contaminated by industrial waste, there were 50 people who have cancer and cerebral thrombosis.
64-year-old Wang Baosheng got ill since 2003, he has fester all over his body so he cannot go to bed and lying face down on the edge of the bed each day.

Inner Mongolia province Heilonggui Industrial District, the couple who worked at the Plaster Kiln
and just got home...

In Inner Mongolia there were 2 “black dragons” from the Lasengmiao Power Plant
 covering the nearby villages.

 Large amount of the chemical wastewater discharged into Yangtze River from Zhenjiang Titanium mill every day. Less than 1,000 meters away downstream is where the water department of
Danyang City gets its water from.

Lu Guang

Lu Guang, freelancer photographer, started as an amateur photographer in 1980.
He was a factory worker, later started his own photo studio and advertising agency.
August of 1993 he returned to post-graduate studies at the Central Arts and Design Academy in Beijing (now is the Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University).
During graduate school, he studied, traveled all over the country and carved out a career, became the “dark horse” of the photographer circle in Beijing. Skilled at social documentary photography, his insightful, creative and artistic work often focused on “social phenomena and people living at the bottom of society”, attracted the attentions of the national photography circle and the media. Many of his award winning works focused on social issues like, “gold rush in the west”, “drug girl”, “small coal pit”, “HIV village”, “the Grand Canal”, “development of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway” and so on.

Any effort to describe the photography of Lu Guang by reference to the work of other artists would almost certainly invoke the name of W. Eugene Smith.

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