Bobby Neel Adams

Neel Adams was born in Black Mountain, North Carolina, and resides in New York. After graduating from Goddard College in Vermont, he moved to San Francisco, where he lived and worked for the next eighteen years. Much of Adams’ photographic work addresses the transformation of the human body by aging and circumstance.
In the late 1980s, he began using a photomontage technique he termed ‘Photo -surgery,’ in which photographs were altered through manual excision, collage, and sometime defacing of the subject. Adams remains a dinosaur, creating all of his projects on film and remaining free of the bells and whistles of Photoshop. His work is held in the following collections: International Center for Photography, the Houston Museum of Fine Art and the Norton Family Foundation among others.
This work is from his series, ‘Couples’.

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Hugo Macedo disse...

Mas que trabalho fenomenal...!