Ashley Kauschinger

From the series Hot Skin.

Hot Skin is an investigation of everyday life that reflects upon the past and the present. The series shares commonplace emotions and moments that overlap with the lives of others and connect those lives in understanding. This connection is created through a set of themes and symbols that are present throughout the series. Implemented themes include sex, long distance communication, domestic living, relationships and moments of transition.
These themes are examined through ambiguous, narrative self-portraits and still lives within personal environments. Each of these narratives has a sense of tension to create an emotional atmosphere to reflect upon. Tension is formed in each image by pinpointing a moment between two places or times, staging scenes with layered meanings that pull against each other, and using available light at sunset. Symbols representing a personal mythology such as cloth, food and hair are also present and repeated throughout the series to create a sense of familiarity with the viewer.

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