Jean-François Spricigo

J-F Spricigo was born in 1979 in Tournai, Belgium.
He begun taking photographs in his teens and his images became his travel diary for the years to come.
His photographic work was discovered in 2003 by Antoine d’Agata and Christian Caujolle.
In 2004 his first exhibition in France was presented by Guy Jouaville at Le Parvis Scène Nationale in Tarbes.
The series Silenzio was presented at the Contretype photography gallery in Brussels in September 2005, accompanied by a catalogue published by Yellow Now.
In 2007 his new exhibition Notturno was presented at Le Botanique in Brussels.
During the same year the French National Library acquired fifteen of his prints for its collection.
He showed the Prelude series in February 2008 at Galerie Agathe Gaillard in Paris and at the Simonis Gallery in Warsaw in April.
His work has received awards from the the Fondation Belge de la Vocation and the Institut de France de l’Académie des Beaux-Arts.

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