Lea Golda Holterman

Orthodox Eros explores the themes of Judaism and men’s sexuality. Holterman’s sensitive and skillful photographs of the clothing and rituals that lead Orthodox Jewish boys from baby into child and manhood make strong references to art history, from XVth century Dutch painting to the work of Jonathan Singer Sargent. This results in a defamiliarization of the Jewish man's image and invites the viewer into the sensual Jewish world.

According to orthodox Jewish religion, the body is the temple for one's soul. The body, and one’s relationship to it, thus bears an essential social subtext.

Orthodox Eros addresses the notion of the Jew as the “other” in an erotic sense and the ways in which holiness and sexuality complete each other in this subtext. The sensuality of Jewish spiritual practice is revealed through the body's expression.

Orthodox Eros also features an installation of Holterman’s videos, offering a more narrative perspective on the matter, with interviews of her subjects on topics pertaining to their portraits, their religion, and sexuality. These videos offer intimate and revealing insights about the men she has chosen to portray and their relationship to their faith, to their bodies, and even more intriguingly, to the artist herself.

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