Rosa Basurto

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Roxana disse...

dear Marc.!!!!

i've had some problems with my internet connections and it just refused to open some pages, i couldn't open your blog. that's why the delay in answering.

oh, your Blog of the month! i am overwhelmed, i don't know how to thank you, what to say. it is both an honour and a joy! a huge joy...

especially that i had thought you didn't like my pictures any longer, you had stopped coming to the Bridge. so now you took me completely by surprise!

thank you!!!

je t'embrasse tres tres fort...

Marc. disse...

Trés chère Roxana,

Il m'est impossible de ne pas aimer...tant de sensibilité tant d'amour partagé!!!

Je suis toujours autant admiratif de ton travail et ne peux que t'encourager à poursuivre...en
espérant pouvoir en faire autant un jour...qui sait... :0)

Love M.

Anna Lechowska "Figa" disse...

great pictures!
I love it...
Best regards. Figa

Marc. disse...

Hi Anna,

Thanks and Welcome!

Salutation from lisbon.