Marie Galanti

From the series Therefore I am

"Marie Galanti: When Descartes claimed "I think, therefore I am" in 1637; he suggested the primacy of the thinking over anything else and the separation between the body and the mind.

In 2010, in the frame of my MA photographic project, I answer:

- I urinate therefore I am,

- I menstruate therefore I am,

- I ejaculate therefore I am,

- I salivate therefore I am.

The series Therefore I am wants to reveal an essence and create a confrontation with our raw and inner nature. It presents the body as liberated and complicates the simplistic distinctions made between sexual, gendered body and organic, clinical body and looks at the raw and natural human and display these denied bodily fluids, which transgress the boundaries of our body and go beyond our rational control."

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