Ori Gersht

These large-scale photographs, entitled "Blow Up", depict elaborate floral arrangements, based upon a 19th Century still-life painting by Henri Fantin-Latour, captured in the moment of exploding. This visual occurrence, that is too fast for the human eye to process and can only be perceived with the aid of photography, is what Walter Benjamin called the ‘optical unconsciousness’

“It’s all about pulling tension between the old masters and new technologies, we see a simultaneous moment of destruction and togetherness coincide.
My work is not so much a direct commentary as it is an open-ended observation of the absurdities around us,” he said. “I’m thinking about scenarios where, in one place, there is a very bloody war, while in another place people are living a comfortable, decadent lifestyle. I’m intrigued by that kind of parallel existence, and how one sometimes weaves into the other.”

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